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Back by Popular Demand – An Inter-Generational Discussion!

Fired up! Thanks to all the youth who came last Sunday for our inter-generational discussion on Faith and Science. We needed to scavenge for extra chairs to seat everybody! The message came across loud and clear that Christianity and science get along just fine, thank you. Our youth left with some very intelligent answers to give to naysayers they may meet in the future who might try to tell them otherwise.

By popular demand, will offer this Sunday, February 8th, downstairs at 9am, a follow-up inter-generational discussion titled, “Perspectives on Creation.” Everyone is invited, and every point of view is welcomed. We’ll read the first chapter of Genesis and show how the love of God for His creation leaps off the page, whether that creation happened 13.9 billion years ago or on October 23, 4004 B.C. (we’ll explain those dates!).

Christian education at FPC Wamego: Expanding minds and equipping hands!

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