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Breakthrough Coming

May 8, 2020

Breakthrough Coming

“You have made him a little lower than God and You crown him with glory and majesty.” Psalm 8:5

I don’t pretend to know much about science, so what I am about to say is pretty risky: I see a major abreakthrough on the horizon in the fight against the corona virus, especially in the availability of a vaccine. I believe that sometime over the summer a stunning announcement will be made that at least by fall a vaccine will be available to the general public. That’s at least 6 months ahead of the most aggressive forecast made in March of this year.

Why do I say this?

Sir John Bell, professor of medicine at Oxford University, said last Sunday on NBC News thatOxford’s research efforts have made great strides, including the words: “As every day goes by, the likelihood of success goes up, and that the prospects for Oxford’s candidate are pretty good.” He also said that researchers hope to have enough data from their phase two trials that they would get enough evidence that the vaccine has efficacy by the beginning of June.

What a breath of fresh air!

My gut tells me, and my gut has been wrong plenty of times, that we are on the verge of something big happening. The Psalmist (David) tells us in Psalm 8 that we are capable of achieving great things, in this case, in a short period of time. Otherwise David wouldn’t have said:

“…You have made him (us) a little lower than God, and you crown him with glory and majesty.”

Let us pray and hope.

Prayer: O, God, continue to be with those on the cutting edge of scientific research. Help them to achieve a breakthrough in discovery so that all the nations can look forward to peace and stability. Amen.

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