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Do you remember when?

Do you remember when? – From Shirley Carnahan 

Sharing church memories in celebration of our 150th year

Christmas Church Memories:  Christmas Caroling in all kinds of weather followed by soup at the church. We caroled in the back of a farm truck in the early days.  A few of us always went to ring our church bell at midnight on Christmas Eve. One night after the Christmas Eve service we stepped out into a lovely falling snow. Many travelled through the city, through the lighted and decorated park before heading for home.  In earlier years we had a manger scene on the lawn in front of the church. After the Christmas Eve service we actually used real lighted candles as we filed out of the church singing “Silent Night” and formed a circle around the manger scene.  Linda DeHoff directed a pageant of the Christmas story. All the children had a part and Rick Kastner was the donkey. Many tears were shed at the beauty of this presentation. Linda was a teacher in the school system and loved by all.

People Remembered:  Mrs. Helen Scoville, a well-remembered member was a talented musician who has since passed away. She directed the choir and at times when the congregation didn’t sing out, she scolded us. She would get out of her pew to direct the whole congregation in a song she didn’t think we were singing to the glory of the Lord. She sat in the same pew every Sunday and politely reminded anyone who sat in her spot. For her funeral, her Bible and shawl were placed in “her pew.”

 Janis Brunkow, a beloved member always a Sunday School class. I remember her especially teaching a class of junior high students. After a year or so with Janis, the students had a good Bible background with a gifted teacher. She was also talented in creating beautiful clay Nativity scenes as well as farm characters. Her students were gifted with her nativity sets at Christmas. Before the new addition to the church was built, Janis taught her classes out in the garage of the Annex building…in freezing weather. She was much loved.

 Alex McKenzie was a special person to the children of the church. He shared stories in his wonderful Scottish brogue. It was also a special time for the entire church when he would read the story of the birth of Jesus. His booming voice was splendid when he read from the balcony.

 Our friend and member Max Russell was a local veterinarian and a masterful carpenter has shared his talents much with the church. Besides repairs around the church Max carved the beautiful table downstairs in the conference room. It took 6 men to install it. The wood for the table as well as bookshelves, spoons and scoops were created by Max from an enormous tree on the church property that was cut down in preparation for building the addition to the church.

Musical memories:  Years ago three young ladies who sang in the church choir formed a trio and sang not only for church but also for community events. They were Virginia Buzan, Bette Kastner and Shirley Carnahan.

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