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God and Science

May 26, 2020

God and Science

“For wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.” Proverbs 2:11

The Economist magazine reported in its most recent issue “that on May 20th Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, was awarded the Templeton Prize, arguably the world’s most prestigious honor for those trying to bridge the gap between science and faith.” The magazine said that “Dr. Collins was born into a staunchly secular family and later earned his doctorate from Yale University. But as a medical student in North Carolina he was struck by how often patients looked to God when facing death. After reading C.S. Lewis, he was ‘stunned,’ in his words, ‘to discover a rich vein of philosophical and religious thinking.’ At 27, he experienced a religious conversion.”

Today, Dr. Collins, an evangelical Christian, urges science and religion to have a mutual respect for one another, especially in this time of the pandemic when physicians and health care workers scramble to save lives while patients and families look to both medical professionals and faith for their sources of strength and comfort. He said that “science answers the “how” questions while Christianity answers the “why” questions.”

I think of no better example of blending “God and science” than my good physician friend and pulmonologist from Manhattan, Kansas, who at the peak of the corona virus in New York City volunteered to serve critically ill patients at a Brooklyn hospital (I referred to him, Dr. Steve Short, in a previous devotion and sermon). Steve said in his journal that he would always ask family members if they would allow him to pray for their loved one and they always said yes, in addition to saying they were praying for Steve, as well. Both physician and Christian provided comfort for grieving families.

There needs to be no conflict between science and faith. The two support one another, and, most importantly, give hope to us all. Dr. Short is a perfect example of that.

Prayer: Loving Father, we are thankful when faith and science support one another. Let us continue to pray for those who are ill and have lost loved ones. In Your name we pray, Amen.

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