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Happy 1st Anniversary to FPC Insider!

Happy First Anniversary to FPC Insider!

 The FPC Insider activity blog began in October 2011 in a test phase, and was introduced to the congregation in June 2012. Designed to provide a bridge between the church website and the Illuminator, the FPC Insider shares news and events quickly as they occur, accommodates large numbers of color photos, and provides an additional option for church announcements.

 In the past year, FPC Insider has…

presented 36 posts.

been viewed 3600+ times (by viewers in the U.S. and 2 foreign countries)

received 19 subscribers.

shared 661 photos.

 Watch for new enhancements (ie: videos) and other fun updates coming to FPC Insider in 2013. Stay InTouch, InStep, and InFormed with FPC Insider!

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