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It’s time to start preparing for the 2012 Christmas Musical!

It’s never too early to begin planning for the holidays! This year’s Christmas program will be a musical called “Signs of Christmas.” The musical has minimal props, brief speaking parts for many children, and several fun songs. Children will receive a lyric sheet and CD at the first practice on September 30. Please have children listen to the CD when it’s convenient so they can start learning the songs.

 Musical practice will be part of the Sunday School rotation in October and November. The practice schedule is below. Please come! 

 We did a musical for our program in 2010 called “Pieces of Christmas,” and it turned out great. This year’s program is by the same composer and promises to be lots of fun. See if you’d like to learn more. Questions? Contact Sarah Hancock at

 Sept 30: practice with all (1st-5th)

 Oct 7: practice with 3rd-5th

Oct 14: no musical practice

Oct 21: practice with 1st-2nd

Oct 28: practice with all (1-5)

 Nov 4: practice with 3rd-5th

Nov 11: practice with 1st-2nd

Nov 18: practice with 4/5-year-olds

Nov 25: practice with all (1-5)

 Dec 2: practice with all (1-5), also lunch after worship and another rehearsal ending around 1:30pm?

Dec 9: practice with all kids/dress rehearsal. Perform during worship!

**For some inspiration, check out the photos below. They are highlights from the the 2010 musical program, Pieces of Christmas!

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