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Understanding Our Logo and Flag

Understanding our logo and flag

by B.J. Kerr

The Presbyterian Church began in Scotland through the works of John Knox and John Calvin. When members of this church came “across the pond,” they brought with them many of the symbols and rituals from their home church. This symbolism is found in the logo of the Presbyterian Church USA and on the Presbyterian flag. You’ll see the symbols often at our church.

The “flame” at the base of the cross is from the traditional flag of the Church of Scotland. It represents the burning bush, as seen by Moses. As Moses stood there, he saw the bush was not consumed by the flame, and the symbolism is to remind us that the church will also last forever. We, too, will last forever. The Heavenly Dove is also on the flag. The dove is descending to earth and the outstretched arms of The One who, for our sake, was nailed to a cross.

In the logo, you can also see an open Bible, the pillars holding up the church, the crown, and the Holy Chalice. Take a close look to identify these elements!

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