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You had me at 125

By Susan Symons

You had me at 125.

The move to Wamego, Kansas, was exciting, but then also a bit eerie, for me.  I found it curious because following my college graduation and subsequent moves to a new town in Ohio or Texas, I lived directly across the alley or across the street from the Presbyterian church.  (I was baptized and raised Presbyterian.) And now, upon our family’s 1994 arrival in Wamego, we moved next door to the First Presbyterian Church of Wamego, and INTO the manse!

Our family’s first Sunday church service was the 125th celebration. The service was lovely and effervesced joy, Christian love and fellowship. Memories shared during the service by current and former members revealed powerful and deep roots of faith, family, and community. This was new to me, as I had grown up in a military town where none of my friends had local relatives.

And the music! When the wave of former choir members flooded forward and then sang together … Oh, my! Angels I heard on high!

The harmony was unforgettable, and I knew then, that … well, you had me at 125!

Susan and Stan Symons are pictured here with Izzy, their Silky rescue, on a recent trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

Susan Stan Izzy
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