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Bethlehem Bound! Christmas Program 2014

Our annual Christmas program, Bethlehem Bound, was held during worship on Dec. 21. It wasn’t just limited to children this year, but all ages were invited to take part. Participants were asked to arrive an hour early to receive their group assignment. The groups were “The Caravan”, “The Wise Ones”, “The Angels”, and “The Shepherds”. Each group met with their leader in a designated area to learn their parts and construct props before the church service began.

The main characters, “Marty and Ramona” were trying to find the “Bethlehem Star Search” contest. Directions were provided by an Ipad GPS system, the variety of groups that crossed their path, and finally Mary and Joseph.

Bethlehem Bound was filled with drama, comedy, dancing, music, costumes, and props, while telling the story of The Birth of Jesus in a fun, yet meaningful way that included the participation of the congregation.

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