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Why Wamego?

We seek God for who God truly is, not who we want God to be.
We pray to do God’s will, not for God to do our will.
Our way and God’s way are united in love.

We Care – We Worship – We Teach – We Proclaim – We Serve – We Do! 

We're also seeking our special someone --- come join our FPCWamego family!

Find a HOME • Grow in FAITH • Make a DIFFERENCE


We Love FPCWamego

Our 150-year (and counting) Heritage



We had never found quite the right church home in the Bay Area. When I saw Wamego First Presbyterian Church and it looked exactly like the church I had attended as a child and a young woman, I knew that was the first place we would try.

As it turned out, we never tried another church. As soon as we walked in, we were met with welcoming kindness and curiosity. We found neighbors with mutual friends, and we found the kind of multi-generational congregation that would surround our growing family with love and support. 



My foundation and that of my family has been formed in large part from being part of this church family for over 50 years. I was safe to ask questions about God, to share in life’s joys, and be help up in time of sorry.  



My boys learned the things we wanted them to learn about God’s love, and service, and the transformational power of Jesus’ words and deeds. They sang songs and went to classes and joined service projects. They played pickleball at picnics and hiked hills at church campouts; one time, Evan even hiked a hill with a hairline fracture in an ankle, but that’s another story. Our sons learned how to be in community with others, and how to serve others.

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