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Donation Opportunity for Project Rescue of Amazon Youth (P.R.A.Y.)


Can’t travel to Brazil? Here’s an opportunity to help support the Project Rescue of Amazon Youth:

Donations needed for P.R.A.Y. to accompany the KSU students traveling to Brazil in May & July.

A donation box is available in the church Narthex.

If you have questions or would like to know others ways you can help, please contact Mary Beth Pfrang or Brenda Patterson.

Underwear Briefs—boys sizes s,m,lg Panties bikini style, girls sizes 4 to 14 Teen bras—28 to 32 A-C

Toiletries Toothbrushes youth sizes preferable, floss Hair brush/combs Deodorant Girlie luxury—hair do-dads, perfume, simple makeup

Clinic—large bottles child/adult Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, chewable vitamins Antibiotic ointment

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