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Joyful noise: A children’s choir memory

Brenda Merryman Belief shared the following memory:

One year when I was in elementary school, there was a children’s choir. The children’s choir was supposed to sing for a celebration at the church; I believe it was the 100th anniversary.

At that time, a flu epidemic was going through Wamego. Sunday morning came, and my sister Bonny and I were the only ones present to sing. Because there were only two of us, Reverend Frank Funk had us stand on chairs from the Kindergarten Sunday school room at the pulpit so we could use the microphone. As we got up, a leg fell out of the chair, and Reverend Funk had to put it back before we could sing. But we did sing, and our mom, Karla Merryman, sat in the back with proud tears in her eyes!

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