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Rising to the Occasion

April 17, 2020

Rising to the Occasion

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” Psalms 27:1

Writer Peggy Noonan wrote recently in the Wall Street Journal: “As a nation we’ve learned that as a corporate entity of 330 million diverse souls we could quickly absorb, adapt, and adjust to widespread disruption….…..America has comported itself as exactly what you thought it was or hoped it was but weren’t sure: compassionate, empathetic, committed, hard-working, creative…..Under great and immediate success there’s been broad peacefulness and civility….”

The American people have risen to the occasion by staying the course in preventing a greater spread of the virus, and we have put our faith and trust in ourselves to help combat the threat to the American way of life. In addition, we have developed a greater gratitude for the thousands and thousands of medical and emergency personnel who are continually on the front lines.

Faith in our ability and our willingness to do the right thing has been a blessing. And faith in the strength and presence of God has provided a foundation of hope and trust.

Prayer: Continue to strengthen us as a nation as we come together in this continued battle. And be with all the nations of the world as they do the same. Amen

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