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What Wamego First Presbyterian Church means to the Crillys

Rosemary and Gordon Crilly

We joined the church in 1969, and soon we had lifetime friends. The church first brings me closer to God and his teachings.

A few of the main programs I served on were Session, teaching Sunday School and Bible school. I helped with funeral dinners and others, and I loved being in the kitchen with friends. I worked with Community Health Ministry and other community projects. Gordon and I hosted numerous picnics, and Gordon also served on Session.

The things I was NEVER asked to do were SING or PREACH!

The Crillys’ lives are better because of the First Presbyterian Church in Wamego. We are so blessed by the church family!

Terri Crilly Hollenbeck

WPC was a fixture of my childhood and is some of my earliest memories of leadership opportunities. Then came our marriage, and through the years, whether we lived near or far, the church was there. It was also the baptismal place of our four children. We met many dear, dear people!

Dan Crilly

If I had to describe our church with a single phrase, it would be “the kindest people in town.” I want to name names, but then this would be ten pages long! After much traveling about, I came home to church. I was nervous at first, but then it seemed as though everyone stopped by to welcome me back. I will never forget that day: I was back home!

Diana Crilly Frasika

My foundation and that of my family has been formed in large part from being part of this church family for over 50 years. It was here that I first loved Jesus because I first loved Rev. Tom Blaney! This is where I formed lifelong friendships with Kastners, Carnahans, Mortons, and many others and found mentors like Linda Dehoff in Sunday School and junior choir, where I was safe to ask questions about God, to share in life’s joys, and be help up in time of sorry. It is a place of love and fond memories for me (other than that year I was cast as the centurion in the Christmas cantata but really wanted to be Mary!), and it is my prayer that it will continue to be so for others in their quest for and walk with Christ in the next 150 years. Thank you, First Presbyterian Church of Wamego!

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